Airtight Safe Nacelle"Traveller" adopts the same airtight cabin design as Shenzhou V to block cosmic rays from the outer space. The pressure system and air conditioning system inside the cabin ensure the comfort of passengers, enabling them to feel like sitting in a limousine car.

Multiple Security SystemThe "Traveller" provides multiple security system to ensure the personal safety of passengers. The composite capsule provides three independent helium storage bags, which will supplement helium to the capsule in case of emergencies, ensuring the safety of passengers in different situations. The ballistic parachute will open in stages according to the actual situation when the nacelle lands. The landing buffering gasbag system will slow the motion of the cabin when it lands.

Open View DesignThe sightseeing cabin is made of compound glass, providing a wide view for passengers.

Autopilot CabinThe manned "Traveller" adopts cutting-edge aerospace technologies to mount a large number of sensors and communications equipment. The high-speed computer management system and spaceship control system can ensure the safety and comfort of passengers during the trip.

Take-off preparation stage: The ground makes preparations for "Traveller" to take off and passengers get on board.
Take-off stage: "Traveller" takes off stably and vertically after a certain volume of helium is inflated.
Rise stage: "Traveller" rises to a near-space level of about 24 km above the sea level.
Cruise stage: "Traveller" cruises for 2 to 3 hours in near space of 24 km above the sea level. Passengers in the pressurized cabin enjoy the scenery.
Return stage: The capsule releases helium as programmed, the nacelle descends slowly and flutters to the scheduled landing area with the support of the GPS.
Landing preparation stage: After reaching the specified landing height, "Traveller" adjusts the speed and attitude to get ready for landing.
Successful landing stage: “Traveller ” landed smoothly, passengers get off board.