KuangChi Science Limited is a global high-tech innovation company listed on the main board of the stock exchange of Hong Kong.The company focuses on the Future Technology Business. It was currently developing and integrating different future technologies,like “AI” technology and “future space” technology.
With regard to the “AI technology” business, the Group has long been committed to the research and development of “AI” technology-related algorithms, a platform for big data analysis and professional AI-infused products for vertical industries based on these algorithms and platform. The Group’s AI algorithms were early applied to aeronautic equipments such as Cloud and long-endurance drones, and subsequently independently developed into the principal business, thus having created an AI system with AI algorithm engines as its featured product. The AI system could access a variety of fixed and mobile front-end hardware devices and enable these devices with AI. On this basis and with the Company’s long-term experience in system integration, integrated front-end hardware subsequently created an integrated overall solution comprising professional system integration, installation, debugging, operation and maintenance services.

Eveloping the global disruptive space technology platform
KuangChi Science is currently focusing on the research and development of space technologies to provide various novel space services. It has successfully developed the commercial space technology platforms, including Cloud and Traveller, which will have significant impact on the aerospace industry. To realize the dream of "Iron Man" and to develop novel aerial transportation platforms, KuangChi Science has also acquired shares from Martin Aircraft Co. Ltd., the manufacturer of world's first personal jetpack - Martin Jetpack, as well as Solar Ship Inc., the manufacturer of low cost transportation platforms.