Composite materlals(I think this is pinned to the wrong spot)

Advanced aerodynamlcs

High effclency PV cells

Smart electronlcs

Ligh weight battery system


With a wing Span of roughly 10m, the UAV is the smallest version of Solar Ship. UAV is not designed for cargo transportation, however it’s ideal for carrying telecommunication devices and ISR applications.

Caracal is the 20m grade Solar Ship. With primary focus on light cargo industry and utility aviation market, the Caracal can carry up to 2 pilots and 200kg cargo, especially ideal for critical cargo transportation and emergency response operations.

Wolverine (40-60m) is Solar Ship’s primary air truck built for cargo markets. It will feature superior takeoff and landing capabilities; industry leading fuel-efficiency; low infrastructure requirements; high endurance flight-time capabilities and can be specified as solar assisted or fuel-independent. This aircraft can also be configured to carry up to 5 tons of cargo or 19 passengers.